Howdy and welcome to the website alliancefortamu.org.

This website was created in 2011 to collect and disseminate information about the highly publicized and damaging 2008 proposal of the Texas Public Policy Foundation known as “The Seven Breakthrough Solutions.”  These proposals were endorsed and supported by then Governor Rick Perry.  The damaging aspects of the Solutions at Texas A&M were highlighted in a May 3, 2011 letter from twenty two Distinguished Alumni of the university.

The “solutions” proposal was but one of several inappropriate political interventions in the governance of universities in Texas over a several year time period.  Texas A&M University and The University of Texas at Austin both experienced similar kinds of governance interventions.

It appears evident that the kinds of inappropriate political activity that caused the creation of this website have diminished.  As Governor Abbott populates the Boards of Regents with his appointees, we anticipate that the governance of our universities will function as intended by the citizens of Texas.  In recognition of this changed environment, the historical materials on this website have been archived.  The website will remain inactive unless future events require it to be activated, updated and sustained.

Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education

In June, 2011, in response to concerns about the political interventions taking place at The University of Texas at Austin and at Texas A&M University, a group of concerned citizens formed the Texas Coalition for Excellence in Higher Education.  This group has become an effective advocate for excellence in all aspects of higher education at our public universities.  The organizers of this website encourage the support of this coalition.


Site email address: letters@alliancefortamu.org